The 40 Day Challenge

A recent graduate on a mission- to lose some student belly weight.
I completed a health kick of 40 days and have now decided to re-start it.
A blog to follow if you want food and discipline inspiration, wedding inspiration, or a simple source of laughter at the end of a hard day!

Height: 5"4 SW: 154lbs CW: 136lbs GW1: 144lbs. GW2: 137lbs UGW: 126lbs Starting BMI: 26.4 Current BMI: 23.34

Right, Time to Own Up.

This weekend was not so good on the food front! On Saturday I went to Nottingam to see Noah which was awesome :) But then his parents bought us all a chinese takeaway which was gorgeous!! Not good for the waist though, neither was the Roast Dinner followed by meringue, lemon curd and cream that followed on the Sunday. Woops.


Me and my sister went for a run today- 45 mins of walking and jogging! I’m glad we went as it made a start to toning up our muscles and flattening those bellys. She is back from university for 5 weeks (long Easter holiday!) so we are going to try and make it a regular thing.

I hope you are all doing well! Send me an ask any time!


My mum just said- “Ruth! All that typing! Why don’t you write a book?!” Maybe I should…

Day 7, 8 and 9

Day 7

B: 2 Pieces Toast with butter

L: 1/2 Chicken sandwich with white bread, mayo, butter and salad.

D: Jacket Potato with Sweetcorn (?) and Tomato Mince. 

Can’t remember what else I ate- woops!

Drinks: Tea, Coffee, Water

Day 8

B: 2 Hot wholemeal rolls with butter and marmite

L: 2 pieces granary bread with butter and Hallam’s homemade soup (sweet pepper and sweet potato).

D: Vegetable Risotto at Ask. (Olives, sundried toms etc).

Drinks: Mocha, Coffee, Tea, Water

Day 9

B: 1 Piece seeded toast with butter and scrambled egg

L: 1/2 Cheddar cheese sandwich with granary, butter, salad and yorkshire chutney.

D: Chicken Pie with sweetcorn and Jacket Potato

Drinks: Tea, coffee, water.

Day 6

B/ Weetabix with milk and sugar

L/ Jacket potato with tuna mayo, butter and salad.

D/ Stuffed red peppers. (Will post recipe online one day!) Pud: Plum crumble with evaporated milk.

Tea, Water, No Coffee.


Me and my Mum went to try on wedding dresses today- Eeeee!

Day 4 and 5

Day 4- Saturday.

Saturday was an ok day. My fiancee’s Dad was having an induction service so I went to that, it was lovely to meet friends and family from far and wide! After the service, some folks had laid on a HUGE buffet. 3 Years ago I would have piled up my plate so high it looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but I controlled myself- small victory!! :D I had some rice with a bit of carribbean spicy chicken curry, and then added some dips and few bits more. It was very nice! I didn’t touch the dessert table though, so that was good. In the evening I ate a couple of left over sandwiches, and then also some mini-eggs in the car on the way (eeek).

Day 5- Sunday

Mum made some cake today. But, when I was asked if I wanted some I resisted- yeeeesss! Now I have to keep resisting the cake in the tin on the kitchen side. It calls to me- “Ruth…you know you want to. Look at the sponge on me and the butter icing”. Haha. I also had a probiotic yogurt for breakfast, with a small piece of hot bread with butter and marmite. Lunch was a Sunday Roast :/, and tea was an egg sandwich, and a piece of ham with pickle. 

I know I haven’t kicked of this challenge with the best start. But I intend to stay as honest as I can, so I have a record of my habit at least. I am going wedding dress shopping with my Mum tomorrow, so I hope that kicks me into diet gear!

Look after yourselves folks!


Day 3- Bad day!

Let’s just say, there was some chocolate brownie on offer today, and I didn’t resist! Woops. I think I may re-start this challenge on sunday, when I have healthy food in… I can do this!!